Torturing Unfortunate People

from by Deformity BR




Human just have … a perverted pleasure …
for inflicting pain, Watching parts being lacerated,
Listening the body cracking into screams
Brutal reality for lucky people

The Rack was one of the most painful torture instruments
The device was made with rollers at both ends

Ropes were tied … to the limbs
The bottom was fixed ... and the top was a handle
It was turned and the person stretched … in pain

Interrogation process

They strained the ropes until every joint was dislocated
To have fun, they would continue on turning the wheel

The joints were separated
The muscle fiber were stretched
One could listen to the noise
Of snapping cartilage … ligaments … bones

Further tortures were applied, burning the flanks with torches
Using pincers to tear out the nails of the fingers and toes
Penetrating spikes into the victim’s back


from Torturing Unfortunate People, released September 10, 2016



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Deformity BR Brazil

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