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"...Take the darkness from INCANTATION and IMMOLATION, the speed from the latter and the slow eerie and doomy parts from the first - add the usual Brazilian madness and no sense for bounderies and some pure grinding parts, then you have the bastard child that has become DEFORMITY BR. It is not the most original Death Metal out there, nor the most thoroughly composed music, though you can break your neck 'banging to this, it is evil, it is brutal - it kicks some serious ass..." - by Anders Peter Jørgensen (Voices from the Dark Side)


released January 10, 2010



all rights reserved


Deformity BR Brazil

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Track Name: Squeezing Necks
The murder of one child by another always evokes a special reaction.
How could a child commit such a crime? Instinctive horror!
The murderer was aged 11, pretty, with a hear-shaped face and vivid blue eyes.

Emotionally disturbed, a tough background transformed her into a murderer.

First, there were some warning sigs…
The dark forces made her to injure a three-year-old cousin of hers.
The police heard some shouting, and found the boy lying on concrete path and bleeding from the head.

Someone complains that one girl had started strangling her daughter, and two of her friends.
Four-year-old boy didn’t have the same luck.
He lay in a bedroom with blood and saliva dribbling from his mouth.

Pathologist said there was a minor brain hemorrhage.
Other three-year-old boy had body covered with purple-flowering weeds.
Bloodstained forth covered his blue lips.
Scratches and pressure marks on both sides of his neck.

“I squeezed his neck and pushed up his lungs. That’s how you kill them.”

She squeezed it hard – he was struggling. She had enjoyed it.
Track Name: The Ripper
A couple in love, together in the dark
Laughing and drinking, laying on the ground.
But someone was around – ready for a mess
Staring with bulging eyes at them
Sparkling madness in the mouth.
The madman approaches them…
He was wearing an overcoat
Filled with many sharp toys.
He jumped laughing in front of them
Couldn’t hide his tension…
The bloody ritual is about to begin!
The man didn’t understand what was happening
Got an incisive scythe - cut in the throat
The woman was freaking out, she couldn’t react
Her skin was pale
Her eyes didn’t believe what she saw
Her legs got weak and couldn’t run…
She was screaming out her fucking panic…

That man grabbed her tits
Toke a scissors in the hands / and started the game
Punched her in the stomach, she fell down
He squeezed her neck, cut her clothes
He jumped on her / cutting now the underwear
She had no voice anymore, crying,
Begging for mercy, begging for her life

The man brought his hand / toward the genitals
But was slapped in the face
Poor weak woman, being suffocated
The strength was / leaving her body
But she could feel / yet the ripper
Playing with the hands / in the vagina
He saw / she wasn’t virgin anymore

Insane, he didn’t know what to do
The madness controlled his mind!

He got a knife / out of his coat
And started slashing out / her tits
She tried to protect herself
But had the hands hacked
The blood spilled all over
Splattering both all red.

He wants to stop her,
So took a cudgel / smashed her head.

She was almost impaled
He could feel the cudgel
Going deep in the uterus
Ripping off the insides…

Everything was so quiet, silent
So, he got a sharp blade
Gave her a circumcision
Chewed and swallowed that meat
Opened her legs / and calmly
Stocked the cock in her genitals.
Fucking the blood / ready to cum inside the dead body!
Track Name: Bloody Banquet
In the cold table,
A deep cut.
Gush the blood,
Red vision of death.
Hands opening the chest,
Blows break the sternum,
Catch a cry.
Ribs pulled out.

And the black mind
Feeling all that rottenness.
Fibbers and muscle broken
Washed by a vomit.

In the cold table
One more death.
Hatching his skull
The blood spills,
Pulling out the skin
To get he eye balls.
The gore takes the place.
Tools stabbing the brain.
The bloody ritual has begun.

And the black mind
Feeling all that rottenness.
Fibbers and muscle broken
Washed by a vomit.

Suffocating pain with terror.
The empty mind now is full
But the corpse isn’t ready:
His carcass is cremated,
Viscera to soup.

Organs to the banquet,
Brain to desert.
In this bloody banquet
Eyes as adornment.
Drinking the blood
In the vein no longer,
Hopping on more beat
From the dead heart.

Organs to the banquet,
Brain to desert.
In this bloody banquet
Eyes as adornment.
Track Name: Bloodshed
Bones broken by a cudgel,
Craniums opened by stone thrown.
The horror is present,
Not even children are saved.
Total disgrace!

The haunting begins,
And the panic is spread.

A massacre is coming
Innocents among that horror…
… many dead bodies.

Humans are killed as animals,
Rifle projectiles penetrate their bodies;
Tearing and spreading viscera.
Blood, a lot of blood!

Whole families commit suicide in burning houses,
Alleviating the anguish and suffering caused b the horror of the war.
Violence, destruction and death.
Suffering, pain and despair.
Blood, a lot of blood,
The horror is present!

Heads hanging in trees,
Thorax brutally opened by axes and scythes.
The war ends with many dead.
The drought blood reminds the horror of the massacre.
Track Name: Tumor
Growing tumor spreading poison all over your body, destroying your lungs in slow decay. Making you to expel the damaged tissue by your nose. The right lung is gone, and it has become hard to breathe, besides the pain. The fucking tumor wasn’t killed and all that chemotherapy just made you older, tired and crabby. You slowly rot from inside!

The tumor makes its path of destruction and infects your stomach. You can’t eat. You can’t live with this pain burning inside you. So, you vomit your stomach out with blood, your breath starts to stench. People repulse you and you’re alone with your fucking medicine but you have no need of it – you’re already dead! All your hair has fallen from your head.

There’s no regression, you’re being eaten alive. Your guts are condemned, so are you! You don’t have how to escape. Everyone can smell disgusted to your stench. You’re defecating pus. The infection is in the air. Your strength has gone away, and you can’t even raise your arm, prostrated in a putrid bed.

Your apartment is now your tomb and your life is fading away. Indeed, you look like a zombie over the bed, rounded by blood, urine, feces, flies and pus. Maggots start eating your cancerous skin, which separates from your cold flesh. Your nails are loose and fall from your deformed fingers. You finally watch to your own sick and slow death, and disgusted swallows your own putrid vomit.
Track Name: Disgrace is Coming
Happy life in a town.
To play with toys a child want.
But in a unknown dark future,
disgrace is coming.
Hatred created by everyone.
Pressure, spanking, blood, pain.
He could not support.
Instead of a sweet thing, an animal he has became.

His brother was the first to die
With a stick through his eyes,
And the neighbor the next one,
He broke all his bones with a hammer.
Not a child but an animal
With the thirst of vengeance,
Pleasure hearing screams of pain.
Death to everyone laughed at him.

Not a child but an animal!
He’s got a shotgun
To blow the heads
Of his innocent colleagues.
Creating panic…
The crowd running away, treading on the weaker.
He was killing innocent children.

Hypocrisy is the law
Where things are beautiful.
Collective homicide!
All those children dying,
Begging for their lives,
While other were executed,
Killed one by one.
Other with broken legs,
Splattered human pieces.
A true massacre.

His parents got there
And looked to all that gore.
He was pulling out people’s intestines
To decorate the rooms and halls.
He saw them, started to cry
Gave them a hug and a kiss,
Shot their head,
And tore away their guts.
Track Name: Agony Yells
Night of horror,
Agony yells.
Bloody bodies
Stink on the floor.

Violent creatures
Killing and destroying.
Raising pain and torment,
Raising fear.

Getting blood tears,
Fucking your mind.
Chopping off your head,
Mutilating your arms and legs.
Creatures brutalized by hate.

Arrest everyone.
Stupid force of violence
Scaring everyone.
People with no security
Dominated by fear,
Becoming weaker…
Ready for the massacre.

Severe haunting,
Human pieces in everywhere.
Heads rolling over the floor,
Corpses completely disfigured.

Symbols of disgrace:
There are no more yells,
The is no more pain,
Silenced survivor.
Track Name: Rupture of Mind
My fucking sick mind
Brings me a sad reality.
Strange force that controls me.
My shivered mind
Induces me to satiate my wishes.

Delirium and hallucination.
I stare at horrible forms coming from nothing.
Bizarre thoughts intrude my brain,
Bring me to a world of terror.
Bizarre thoughts torture my mind.
I see tragic accidents,
Mutilated bodies,
Bloody scenes and destruction.

Rotten images haunt me,
Anxiety and fear.
Can smell my body’s putrid odor,
My flesh seems to be rotten.
My head hurts!

My bloody hands seem to be in decomposition.
Tormented nights,
My dreams turn into nightmares.
I see sharp knives in my hands.
I think I killed them one by one,
Slitting their throats and stabbing them ‘till the last breathe.

Bizarre thoughts intrude my brain,
Destroy my mind and bring me to madness.
Track Name: Epidemic
Virus and bacteria
Born from nothing,
Hovering in the air
Spread with the wind.

In a low flight
Haunt their victims,
Infects and kills
In a short time.

Maleficent diseases
Killing and destroying,
Creating panic and terror.

Virus infects y body,
Blocks my mind,
Destroy my organs,
Decompose my viscera.
Ejecting blood from my pores,
Carry to death.

Epidemic … suffocate me
Epidemic … creating pain
Epidemic … suffocate me
Epidemic … until death

Corpses and more corpses
In hospital beds,
Ready for the autopsy.
The doctors prepare their sharp bistouries.
Fucking deep cuts…
The carcasses are opened.
And the stench spread over the room.
Rottenness is what’s left from the decomposing bodies.
Piles of corpses are burned,
But the virus is still hovering in the air.

The epidemic rises in Africa,
Entire communities are exterminated.
Human guinea pigs are tested.
The cure will give reason to life.
Track Name: Death Metal
Death metal é poder
Death metal é minha alma
Death metal
Death metal

Vivemos pra ele,
Fazemos o estilo
Mais poderoso do mundo,
Mostrando o podre lado
De uma existência,
Expomos a mas pura e cruel
Realidade da raça humana.
Tocamos o nosso som
Com toda fúria e poder,
Urramos nossa filosofia.
Assim é o estilo
Mais poderoso do mundo.

Death metal
Death metal

Deixem a brutalidade do som
Penetrar seus ouvidos
E dominar por completo.

Levantem-se e ergam a bandeira do underground,
Falem a todos a sensação do domínio do death
E sinta o peso e a brutalidade
Do todo poderoso.

Death metal
Death metal