Torturing Unfortunate People

by Deformity BR

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released September 10, 2016

Produced by Deformity BR
All songs and Lyrics by Deformity BR
Recorded at Evolution Studio; mixed and mastered by Jera Cravo
All guitar solos recorded by Victor Porto
Live tracks recorded at Metalized Nights @Feira de Santana/BR, 2013
Graphical development by Claudio Putrid



all rights reserved


Deformity BR Brazil

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Track Name: Confessions of a Perturbed Mind

Found thrown … in a dark place
He had only … the company of mustiness,

Surrounded by worms, rats and cockroaches
Tortured by his remembrance
Cries, moaning, and grunting
His death will come soon
Some flashes come to his mind

Agonizing images … haunt him down
Desperate cries for help… bodies in agony

“The smell of blood excited me.
Saw mutilated bodies
Heard mad screams
Stumbled in decapitated heads
Bloody viscera are on the floor.”

I woke up … corpses on the floor
Have a headache … can’t remember a thing

“I was playing with my guests
Ripping out an arm to a toy
Making them to suffer, slowly”

“I was down in my knees, opening their stomach
Looking for some appetizers
It was an odd party, and my guests begged for mercy.”

“I was playing with my guests
Stabbing deep with a bone
Tearing skin … slicing meat … mutilating … splattering blood …”

Without that blood he doesn’t know if he’s dreaming or awake
The death has marked out his skin,
The dead keep haunting his perturbed mind.
Track Name: Convicted for Murder, Cannibalism, and Necrophilia

his domineering mother taught that sex… was sin
she died but he was feeling enslaved,
decided to lock up her room forever… (from that day)
and developed an odd … interest in anatomy
… specially female anatomy

It was deeply unhealthy … for intimate anatomy … of the female body …
Walking into cemeteries … looking for decaying corpses …
… He was looking for some toys

He would dissect these corpses… resorting of a kitchen knife …
Lacerating, cutting its parts out
Then he would flay the skin … and wear it to dance.

Many worms and the rot stench … but kept some parts as heads …
sex organs, livers and intestines.

His woodshed was a house of horrors
one could see a dead woman
hanging upside down from a meat hook
and slit open down the front.

Head and intestines were kept in a box,
and a heart on a plate in the dining room.
skins from ten human heads were found … spread in the place,
and a torso skin rolled up on the floor … served as a carpet.
Track Name: Suffering to Death

My body is full of wounds … parasites are over me
Rotting and Losing blood … sores still are open
Vomit over my feet … flies just pursue me

I can even feel and see … some worms devouring me
Skin infested of clots … broken ribs still hurt
My pants stink … because of my excrement.

The jaw bones were grinded … My burnt tongue can’t taste
Dilacerated yet disfigured … fucking humiliated
An eye was punctured … still linking
The other still can’t see … the veins going exposed
There’s a hack in the arm … can see the bone
Can’t even walk … the nerve was cut

My strength fades away … delirium comes to my mind
There was a hot blond girl … playing in my room
But can’t barely touch her … I have decaying fingers
There’s no more skin … there’s no nails.

I agonize … in my bed … the death stinks …
They watch me curious … and fetter me with chains … and muddy ropes
Now my disgrace is closer … dying as an animal … under torture
They tied it tight … until I bleed … they’re patient
Prepare the needles … inject some virus … in my flesh

The tools open my chest … cut me and saw … in a fucking autopsy table
The organs are taken off … they are just waste … but can feed starving wild animals
I’m fucking dead alive … a walking corpse … the doctors take out my eyes … to see
Track Name: Torturing Unfortunate People

Human just have … a perverted pleasure …
for inflicting pain, Watching parts being lacerated,
Listening the body cracking into screams
Brutal reality for lucky people

The Rack was one of the most painful torture instruments
The device was made with rollers at both ends

Ropes were tied … to the limbs
The bottom was fixed ... and the top was a handle
It was turned and the person stretched … in pain

Interrogation process

They strained the ropes until every joint was dislocated
To have fun, they would continue on turning the wheel

The joints were separated
The muscle fiber were stretched
One could listen to the noise
Of snapping cartilage … ligaments … bones

Further tortures were applied, burning the flanks with torches
Using pincers to tear out the nails of the fingers and toes
Penetrating spikes into the victim’s back