Confessions of a Perturbed Mind

from by Deformity BR




Found thrown … in a dark place
He had only … the company of mustiness,

Surrounded by worms, rats and cockroaches
Tortured by his remembrance
Cries, moaning, and grunting
His death will come soon
Some flashes come to his mind

Agonizing images … haunt him down
Desperate cries for help… bodies in agony

“The smell of blood excited me.
Saw mutilated bodies
Heard mad screams
Stumbled in decapitated heads
Bloody viscera are on the floor.”

I woke up … corpses on the floor
Have a headache … can’t remember a thing

“I was playing with my guests
Ripping out an arm to a toy
Making them to suffer, slowly”

“I was down in my knees, opening their stomach
Looking for some appetizers
It was an odd party, and my guests begged for mercy.”

“I was playing with my guests
Stabbing deep with a bone
Tearing skin … slicing meat … mutilating … splattering blood …”

Without that blood he doesn’t know if he’s dreaming or awake
The death has marked out his skin,
The dead keep haunting his perturbed mind.


from Torturing Unfortunate People, released September 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Deformity BR Brazil

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